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... benefits of NST (advanced Bowen)

Neuro-Structural-Integration Technique (NST) is a specialized form of holistic massage therapy that originated in Australia. This technique gently stimulates the body to reorganize and realign its many systems and structures at an accelerated pace when compared to other therapies. It has been used to accelerate healing after injury, illness or surgery, to relieve stress, pain, and dysfunction and to improve circulation, lymph drainage, range of motion and joint mobility, stimulate the elimination of toxins and bring energy and balance to the body for promoting and maintaining health and wellness. People of all ages can benefit from thisholistic therapy. It is easily done through light clothing.


NST has been used to help many conditions such as:

- back pain - neck pain - headaches - TMJ dysfunction - edema
- plantar fasciitis - knee pain - fybromyalgia - hormonal balance
- infertility -
arthritis - frozen shoulder - digestive problems
- tailbone pain - sciatica - constipation - carpal tunnel syndrome
- sports performance enhancement -
tennis elbow
- respiratory problems - asthma - scoliosis - infertility - colitis
- IBS - Parkinson's Disease - Multiple Sclerosis

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